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The tree covered Fern Creek neighborhood with historic Dickson Azalea Park and Mayor Carl T. Langford Park feels like you are meandering through time. The Washington Street bridge was constructed in 1926 and is reflective of many bridges found in South Florida. The lush landscaping, singing birds and flowing water are a treat to many visitors.

This neighborhood is an oasis for those needing a quiet place to eat lunch or to reflect when this area was a watering hole years ago for cattle ranchers to quench the thirst of their cattle in Ferncreek. The dragonflies, shady trees and quietness of Dickson Azalea Park are a must see for people of all ages to experience. Around the corner you find the eclectic Milk District. Eighty Five years ago, the area dubbed ‘The Milk District’, was pasture land for TG Lee’s grazing cattle.

Today the area around Bumby Ave and Robinson Street just east of Downtown Orlando still houses a TG Lee facility that produces more than 230,000 gallons of milk per day. Recently, The Milk District has become home to many young entrepreneurs. This wave of urbanites has created one of the most eclectic and hip bohemian stomping grounds in Central Florida. It’s unique restaurants, bars, boutiques, theater and community garden has garnered the up and coming district notoriety from Lonely Planet in its Best in Travel: Top 10 Cities for 2012 article.

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