Buying A Home

Without a doubt one of the biggest decisions in your life, we at Rey Homes know that the new home buying process can seem scary and overwhelming at times. From the first home you look at during your search to the time you finally sign on the dotted line, there are many elements to consider and questions to ask. So whether you buy from Rey Homes or not, we want to help you make the most informed and best decision for you, your family, and your lifestyle. We’ve created this guide to the Homebuyer’s Process to do just that, breaking down the process into 12 basic and manageable steps. So scroll on, read the information, take notes, and start to think of the main features that are important to your future home. And always remember – Rey Homes is here to help you along every step of the way.

Sales Office Visit

It’s day 1 and the very first step in your search for your perfect home is the Sales Office Visit. This stage is essentially informational, gathering as much information as possible from your new home consultants that you visit. You’ll hear about community amenities and constructions materials and approval processes – in short, an overload of information. Just take a deep breath and prioritize what’s important to you. Make a list of the ten most important factors for your new home and be sure to address those at each community you visit and each house you tour. It will only help you get the right information and ultimately make a better decision.


After you’ve made your decision from all your house and home tours through your search process, it’s time for your contract. Your contract will include the time frame for the construction of your new home and details on the initial deposit and payment decided upon for your new home. At this time you’ll go over all important dates moving forward, from the highly anticipated design meeting to the date the walls go up on your new home. Be sure to read through this thoroughly and understand everything that will be happening regarding your new home, and don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions! This is an exciting step and a thorough review of the upcoming ten steps that follow and everything you should expect.

Mortgage Company

Next factor to look into is the mortgage you may get for your new home. There are a lot of important aspects of attaining your home mortgage, but make sure you do your research first to determine what would be an ideal down payment and what you can afford on a long term basis. The most important part of this step though is working with someone you trust, and at Rey Homes we work hard to match you with a mortgage lender that will understand your needs and accommodate them.

Design Review

Some consider this the most exciting and fun part of the homeowner process, because this is where you make that new house your new home. Depending on the model and layout, Rey Homes can accommodate any interior design preferences and even construction additions, whether it is an outdoor lanai or extra storage space inside. Your home is a reflection of you, and during the Design Review we’ll cover every inch of your home to make sure it meets up to your specifications.

Pre-Construction Orientation

This is an exciting step because this is where all those drawings and mock-ups you’ve been looking at and envisioning in your new dream home begin to come to life. Your new home consultant will guide you on a trip through your actual home site, discussing the physical layout of the house on the land, how everything matches up to your specific lot, and most importantly ensuring that everyone is on the same page with expectations of the construction timeline and house specifics. The home building process has begun!

Pre-Drywall Review

The pre-drywall review is an inspection to ensure that every element of your new home’s structure is up to code. You’ll be given a briefing on many of the core components of your home’s structure, including the proper sealing and installation of plumbing and electrical to checking the building envelope and core structure. This meeting is especially exciting for us, because we get to highlight the high quality materials and craftsmanship that go into every Rey Home.

New Home Visit

After the core installations of your home are in place, many of our excited Rey Homeowners like to schedule a new home visit to begin the design phase of their move. Taking the time to measure the interior and plan for your furniture pieces, room layout, and how your current furniture might work in your new space. This time is for you, because we know how exciting it can be with each day closer to your final move-in date.

Final Orientation

The Final Orientation is one of the most pivotal steps in the closing stretch to moving into your new home. While many homeowners use this time to show off their dream home to family and friends, it is very important to use this time for what its truly intended for, learning everything about all the features of your new home and looking to see if there is anything that might need to be addressed, from even paint coverage throughout the interior to checking the lawn’s irrigation system. Come with a checklist of all areas of concern and be sure to cover each one of them. At Rey Homes we want to make sure everything is perfect, and this step helps to achieve that..

Homebuyer Acceptance

This is mainly a follow-up to the new home orientation, making sure that the homeowner sees that all their areas of concern from the new home orientation have been addressed. Usually the day before or the day of the final closing, this is the very final step to occur at the site of the home and the last chance to make sure you address anything and everything regarding your new dream home.


The big day has finally arrived, and this is when all involved parties meet to finalize this transaction and get you in your new dream home. Prepare for the big day by doing a thorough reading of your closing disclosure form to fully understand the terms of your loan, and plan for one more final walk-through of your home if you haven’t been able to. Make sure to also bring all of your paperwork, including proof of homeowners insurance, copy of your contract, and photo ID amongst others. Leave yourself plenty of time before and after the closing is scheduled to deal with any curve balls that may come your way, and be ready to sign your name quite a few times. You’re finally ready for your new home!

2-Month Home Review

This step is exactly what it sounds like, a check up on you and your family in your brand new Rey Home. We give you two months so you have time to get acclimated to your new home, get your furniture in, and get adjusted to your new area. If there should be any issues that have come to light in your home, this is where we’ll be able to address them and make sure your home is the dream come true you want it to be.

11-Month Home Review

Again, this step is in the title. After your first eleven months in your beautiful Rey Home, we do one last scheduled review to check on all the different features looked at and discussed during the Homeowner Acceptance stage. At Rey Homes, this is another favorite step because we get to see how much our custom designed and crafted home has enriched our new homeowners life, and that is the greatest reward of this entire process.